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So what is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology (OrthoK) is an alternative to laser surgery to enable a person to see without wearing glasses. It involves wearing a specially designed contact lens that gently reshapes the cornea while sleeping, like a night time eye massage, so that upon waking, the eye is able to accurately focus images onto the retina. This means clear vision without the requirement of glasses or contact lenses during the day.
Historically, OrthoK has been used to correct myopia (short sightedness), but clever, clever science people are now able to engineer lens designs to correct mild to moderate levels of hyperopia (far sightedness) and astigmatism.

The therapy is based on reshaping the cornea, which is the basis of LASIK eye surgery, the difference being that orthoK moulds the surface epithelial layer of the cornea which is regenerative and thus reversible. The benefit of this is that no corneal tissue is removed, or burnt, or cut, or vaporised. . . . the downside however is that, due to the reversible nature, the contact lens is worn every night to maintain the new corneal shape.

Anyone with the right type of prescription can undergo orthoK, though the people who are most likely to benefit are those involved in sports where day time contact lenses aren't always ideal, swimming for example. Those who suffer dry eye and discomfort from day time contact lenses are another group who will likely appreciate the orthoK effect.

One of the emerging uses for orthoK is as a tool to slow down the progression of myopia, which makes the procedure especially popular with 12-25 year olds experiencing a steady increase in prescription and who don't want their lenses to get all super thick at the edges.

The procedure takes place in roughly 3 stages. First, an eye exam is undertaken to check the health of your eyes, measure the prescription, and most importantly, map the shape of the cornea (corneal topography). Time is also available at this stage to further discuss orthoK. This information is used to design and provide a set of orthoK lenses, followed by instruction on insertion/removal, and care of the lenses.

Improvements are monitored closely, especially in the first few days, when the majority of correction is taking place. Often the lens design needs to be altered slightly depending on the results over the first couple of weeks. Then it's simply a matter of enjoying day time vision free of contact lenses or glasses. Yearly eye appointments are still required to check the health of the eyes and chat about what you've been up to recently. OrthoK lenses have a life span as all contact lenses do, lasting on average about 2 years before they get gross with protein build up and need replacing.

Orthokeratology Procedure: $1550.00