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Hunter's Eye Tips

It is generally a good idea to undergo a comprehensive eye examination every 2 years, although this may be more frequent if there is eye disease running in the family, or if you have already been identified as being susceptible to certain eye conditions.

An eye examination should take a minimum of 30 minutes and should include:

A thorough test will pick up pretty much all eye conditions, including cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, keratoconus etc, however specialized equipment is often required to diagnose subtle or rare eye conditions.  For example, OCT scanning is very useful in detecting early glaucoma and macular problems, and a corneal topographer is used to confirm keratoconus and aid in contact lens fitting.

*Please note that these conditions can go undetected for quite a long time and get worse in the process, so it’s best to detect them early.
The specialized equipment at Central Otago Optical will help detect those conditions. This includes:

An optometrist can also go through extra training to become ‘therapeutically qualified’, which is a sub-specialty in diagnosing and treating certain eye diseases.

Most optometrists will have certain areas of expertise and Central Otago Optical is no different.  We have chosen the following areas of particular interest because they relate to often undetected issues, that worsen with time:

As a trusted practice since 1987, we are also registered with the Civil Aviation Authority, Marine Safety Authority, and Defence Force, and are approved to carry out eye examinations for these departments.